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OEM Components

Tomlinson® is a world leading provider of a wide range of commercial beverage commercial beverage dispenser spigots and fittings for beverage and liquid dispensing. We are the brand standard for No-Drip® Faucets.

No Drip® Faucets For Every Application

Tomlinson faucet types can serve across multiple Tomlinson business lines. The majority of faucets are sold into OEMs.

Coffee & Beverage Faucets

Our standard sized faucets support the dispensing of both hot and cold beverages, including water dispensing faucets on stand-alone devices. From commercial kitchens to self-serve counters, we have faucets to meet your beverage dispensing needs.

Bottled Water Coolers

Tomlinson faucets support office water coolers that can dispense hot/cold water and a wide variety of similar dispensers.

Special Applications

We offer faucets for special non-beverage dispensing applications such as “Bag in Box”, condiment dispensers (pancake batter, ketchup, mustard, etc.), medical devices (dialysis), and many more!

Repair & Replacement Parts

Tomlinson® sells:

  1. Finished products
  2. Sub-assemblies
  3. Individual replacement parts

Point of Use

Filtrated/Purified water dispensing for both residential and commercial settings (NSF 61). Point-of-Use is a well-established industry term indicating the faucet connects to the city water system.

Keep it Flowing with Point of Use Faucets

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?

Reverse Osmosis is a separation process that utilizes a semipermeable membrane to remove 90%-99% of the impurities in drinking water.

The Tomlinson RO faucets are preferred solution for our dealers in taking care of their homeowners’ needs. Tomlinson uses only the finest materials and has perfected its products over years of serving the point-of-use water market. Pro-Flo® stands tall amongst its competitors.


The Pro-Flo® product line consists of high-quality, lead-free brass and stainless-steel dispensing components for the OEM market. These include bubblers, projector heads, self-contained cartridges, cartridge regulators/holders, fountain glass fillers and point-of-use faucets used by water cooler and drinking fountain manufacturers around the world.

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